c4c means ‘citizen for change’ and is a charity that  promotes change, both for people here or abroad.  ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is a quote by Gandhi and is very much what we believe.  We are all citizens and when we work together we can bring about change, even in situations that seem impossible.  Currently c4c aim to provide funds to assist young people in Kisumu, Kenya generate a living for themselves.  Sincce the beginning c4c have aimed to help people help themselves and have provided a primary school which now educates 300 plus pupils from age 3 to 11.  In 2012 they acquired a new nursery site meaning pre-school children now have proper nusery care.  With the provision of a meal a day at school many of the street children have found not only hope through education, but have been reunited with family members who can now take care of them again.  This help primarily comes about through the profits generated by the Asante coffee shops as well as other fund-raising activities.

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The team in Kenya, headed up by James (pictured) and Alice Samo, have enabled us to  embark upon projects that have given children a chance to graduate in the skills for life programme.   Some have already been able to provide for themselves by gaining qualifications and skills and getting jobs in nearby towns.

The economic impact of such training, nurturing and development is the removal of the garbage-filled shanty towns that have emblazoned themselves upon several proud communities.   This was a quote from one of our supporters that is true-Africa is a beautiful country and many just now accept the street children as vermin rather than achievers.  There has to be a radical change in our thinking to impact this philosophy.   As we now see more and more street children taking national exams and achieveing we see the old life disappear.  Many in Kenya have been amazed at the results c4c are achieveing in this area.

In March 2010 we opened a coffee shop in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire to raise regular funds to keep the new Life Centre School running.  Following this in May 2011 we opened a second shop in Romsey- this was thanks to all the support we received by so many.  You can read more about our shops on our web site www.asantecoffeeshop.co.uk or find us on facebook.

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