asante7We are extremely proud of our fundraising efforts; the Asante Coffee Shop in Romsey has continued a steady trade despite the loss of its sister shop in Chandlers Ford.  So many regular customers from Chandlers Ford have continued to support by visiting Romsey and have generated enough profit to keep the Life Centre matressesSchool running.

On top of the funds generated by Asante, we are also very grateful to Yellow Dot Nurseries who have provided funds through all their events. will give you all their news and details about fundraising as well as a very interesting blog of their trip in April 2015.  This year they raised money for the new nursery equipment which included 10 new matrasses.

One of the most talked-about events recently was the musical Tomorrow, Maybe, which took place in the coffee shop at Romsey.  This generated a staggering £2000 for c4c as well as boosted sales for the shop.  A tremendous effort.

The next event for fund-raising in 2015 will be the Mayors Picnic in July and the Walk the `Test Way’ with the Rotary Club in October.

Another way of assisting c4c and the Life Centre School is to subscribe to the website Easyfundraising.  Once you are signed up you can do all your regular shopping through the site and make money for c4c at the same time.

As Christmas approaches we will also be looking to do some fundraising in the shop and are looking into doing another ball early next year.

We are also extremely grateful to the fundraising efforts of Kathy Bate (our trustee) and her primary school who raised funds to support the electricity supply recently installed into the buildings.

We must also mention the kind assistance of the Rotary Club of Romsey Test who provided us with four new laptop computers and two dictionaries for the school.  The class 8 pupils were delighted at being able to do IT.IT