Kenya Update 2010


c4c Africa has achieved more this year than ever before for the growth and developments of their projects in Kenya.  It could take up to two years to begin the proccess of re-establishing families, this time has reduced to six months to a year as people get on board with the charity.  Many have been rehabilitated back back with their families, and the few who we cannot find relatives for stay with Alice & James Samo, our Kenyan workers.

Through the endeavours of our dedicated staff befriending children of the streets,  we have been able to change the lives of many young people and children from lives of glue-dependency to job opportunities, education and even High School for some, as well as provide a complete education and meal for 250 children currently registered at the Life Centre School.  Here they have an opportunity of an education, many have been forced onto the streets by the sudden death of both parents often due to HIV aids.

Initially it was difficult dealing with some who were used to roaming the streets and discipline was an issue.  Since our last visit c4c have acquired new staff who have worked hard in focussing the children resulting in an amazing achievement of good exam results when taking part in the National Exams.  We are extremely proud of this achievement!  This is largely due to the opening of the Asante Coffee Shop which regularly provides an income allowing us to employ good staff as well as uniforms, books and food.  This ensures that when the new school is built we will already have achieved a name for ourselves for high acedemic achievement meaning private candidates can also apply.  We will continue to subsidise our street children but what an amazing result for children who had been written off by society.

At Christmas the Cresent Primary School collected funds for a special Christmas meal for the children.  This, as well as an extra bonus for gifts from us, made for a fantastic Christmas for all the children who never usually eat meat!  A chicken dinner.  Many recieved new clothes and hair brading.  A special time was had by all who took part.  Pictured here are two of the girls who were among the first to recieve their special meal.  Their faces say it all.  ‘Asante’ to everyone who has made this possible.  In April Kathy Bate, a teacher from the Crescent School, will be visiting with us.  The Cresent School are also raising funds for a water system to be set up at the make-shift school.  Currently James & Alice have to buy in limited supplies of water.  The target to be reached is £1000 as this is the estimated cost.

For the new year 2011 we are aiming to provide the school with this new water system, as well as locate land for building the new school.  On investigation we discover that a private school would mean we could adhere to standards we set and not be under the control of government restrictions.  In the UK during 2011 we hope to be opening another Asante Coffee Shop which would be targeting medical costs-hopefully culminating in a medical centre which could provide help for all of the people living in the slums, many are dying of aids.  But that’s a huge target.

We thank everyone who has made the Life Centre School and associated training programmes a success.  Especially all of those people who raised money and/or worked at Asante over 2010.  Thank you all!