Life Centre Primary School Buildings Demolished!

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The buildings of the Life Centre Primary School were demolished by the county government officials during the night on August 27th.  James writes:

This is a disaster which has hit the school in the near end of the year for standard eight who are preparing to do their final national exams for high school assessment.

The Kisumu County Government through city council came last midnight with a bulldozer followed by the armed police and hit the school buildings bringing down claiming that the school structures are temporaries and doing away with structures like nyawita ones to clean the city in the name of urban upgrading.
I wish they would allow us to be there until the end of this year so that we make a proper transition as i have been appealing to their office through their department of director of inspectorate.
The transfer of the school materials including destroyed texts and exercise books, smashed iron sheets, destroyed poles, blackboards, shelves, tanks, slabs, electricity lightnings and fittings, pipings, builders and assistance helpers who helped us doing clearing and loading in the truck.We loaded  four lorry trips who are the whole day remaining with another two lorry trips so has been a busy day with lots of stuffs to transport.
The people who helped us and will do again tomorrow agreed to be paid later when i get the money as it was emergency since i never planned for it and it was risky now with the condition of the environment since most of the people living around us in the iron sheets were affected and the had to move to other places or to good Samaritans.We have asked some to take refuge in our compound for this night so that their small kids may take safety and rest.