The End of an Era

Romsey Coffee Shop

Sadly, Asante Romsey closes on March 1st 2020.

After 11 years of successful trading across the project, due to increased competition in the marketplace as retail shops decline in favour of more independent coffee shops, higher running costs and the inability to re-invest capital into the business, the trustees of c4c have made the decision that it is time to close.

Many of our Romsey customers will remember the tragic demolition of the original Life Centre School building in the slum.  The Romsey Advertiser ran a story, and before long the amazing people of Romsey through their kindness , helped us raise enough money to rebuild classrooms on the nursery site.  That year our first class were doing their national exams, many of them continued to work outside and still many of them did so well.  Janet, one of our original street children, scored so high she went on to a prestigious high school. It is the customers, staff and volunteers over the past 11 years of the Asante project that has brought about this change-so ‘Asante sana’ (thank you so much).

Pupils assisting the clean up operation after demolition

James and Alice are continuing the good work and now have to rely more on donations.  C4c have some regular monthly donors who help cover cost for the families in poverty and the rest has to be made up from fees from the families who can afford something.  There is always a shortfall but they try to manage.  Without our support this will be difficult. C4c will continue to run events to help with capital expenses. 

Janet, still smiling as she continui their work outside.

Asante Staff and volunteers

C4c is a charity about change and we are proud that so many people have benefited from working at Asante.  So many lives have changed as a result of this project.

We are grateful to them all for their dedication and sheer hard work.  Many volunteers,  having built confidence, going on to work elsewhere.  Our paid staff have shown amazing care working with people from all walks of life and running a busy shop, which is no mean feat!!! We wish them all the very best!

Life Centre School will continue.

Life Centre-what now?

The Life Centre school will continue in Kisumu Kenya and we will continue to visit and inform through our website what is happening out there.

James and Alice visited with us in 2018 and we joined them in Kenya for the 2018 graduation ceremony.  The charity celebrated our 10 year mark that year.

It has been difficult having to tell them that Asante were closing and has put a strain on their finances, but, as ever, they have amazing faith, continuing support from local education authorities as well as supportive parents who are grateful that their children are getting an education.  We all have faith in them too.

As trustees, we have always financed everything ourselves on visits and usually work in the shop as volunteers.  (Jude did manage the shop for a term and was paid a basic wage).  Every penny our charity has had donated or earned has gone directly to our project. We are proud of what has been achieved.

This has been a hard decision as we have all enjoyed working at Asante meeting such lovely people and knowing it all makes a difference.  We will be running charity events and hope to see you all then.

Asante,  Paul,  Shirley & Jude