Visit to Kisumu October 2023

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Many changes since COVID.

It has been a long time since we visited James and Alice at the Life Centre School and, despite many financial troubles, they still greeted us with smiles.

The challenges they face, since the close of Asante, are mainly due to ack of funds as c4c can only afford to send what our very loyal regular givers give us. This is well short of the £3,000 monthly to run the school. Prices have increased considerably and we learn that 90% of the pupils come from the slum area so fees are very short.

We therefore need to continue to find long-term solutions to their shortfall and James is seeking to do this. In the meantime we need to launch new initiatives to raise funds-so watch this space for more on that!

Good news is that James now has a son Ambrose James Samo.

The school is running well with Day Care, Nursery, Junior and High School. A huge undertaking. When we arrived exams were taking place and we were assured by the teachers that high standards are being reached all-round. The curriculum is changing and new text books are now needed adding to the financial strain already felt. We are grateful to the Rotary Club of Romsey Test for their offer of help to secure some funding toward this.

The children were in fine form and there were plenty of smiles, especially as we had replaced the plates and cups with more sustainable replacements ( a health requirement). They held up their old plastic plates brought in from home.

Another requirement from the Education Minister was laptop computers. This is because the curriculum is going digital. As a slum school these are in short supply. Fortunately we had received 6 laptops to take out with us, as well as some toys and books donated by well-wishers.

We will be rebooting our fundraising to assist James and Alice as much as we can. If you would like to donate please do so.

We have started a new JustGiving page caed Rafiki-friends of Life Centre. Click on the lnk below for more… Asante!